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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Summers over

Well it had to happen at some point, i had hoped to hold it off until november but having decided i wanted to live with friends this winter when the opportunity arose i took it. It has been a while since i lived in a house but there are obvious practical reasons to do so, having a hot shower every day is a beautiful thing. I am very happy to be surrounded by friends and by paying rent i am on an equal footing, if there has been one thing i have struggled with over the last two years it has been people taking advantage of my poverty. I'm very excited about the new opportunities of city life and there is nowhere i'd rather be than bristol for this winter. Below are photos of my room, the garden i hope to have a workshop in and a days work. I am already planning next years travels, those of you awaiting a visit will have to wait a bit longer i'm afraid.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Tea Caddy

This shop keeper's got the right idea, loose leaf tea is a beautiful thing, it's great in the woods cos you've not got bags to get rid of. My preferred tea at present is co-op own brand loose leaf, It's nice to have somewhere special to keep your tea, when settled for the winter I'm going to start making some shrink pot caddies to compliment my caddy spoons... I'll post some photos shortly.

Spoon for Toby and Ali

Toby and Ali work chesnut starting with coppice they process the wood and install their product, mainly fences and gates. I'm a big fan of chesnut particularly paling fencing it is very functional and beautiful.
I really liked this spoon with it's massive head, it's quite a large serving spoon really but has a small handle, I find a short handle is often much more practical, as it will stay put in the dish rather than falling over the side. These guys live in a converted truck, nice and snug for the coming winter, so hopefully the compact spoon will be useful.